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Member Benefits

Why Join the Western Pallet Association?

The WPA helps you stay informed about market trends, new technologies, and changes impacting the pallet industry. Members gain access to valuable information that can guide strategic decision-making.

Being a member of the WPA can enhance your company's credibility and visibility within the industry. We regularly feature our members in our social media channels, through our website directory, and in our online events. All are designed to increase your visibility and attract new customers.

The WPA strives to provide a sense of community among members who share common goals and challenges. The peer support and collaboration are invaluable for sharing best practices, advice, and moral support.

The WPA offers online learning opportunities through our Master Learning Groups & webinars. We've also launched Pallet University which provides an industry recognized certification. These resources help members improve their skills, maintain high standards, and stay informed about the industry.

The WPA organizes conferences, workshops, and seminars that brings together industry professionals. This provides members with excellent opportunities to build relationships, exchange ideas, and find potential business partners or clients.

Advantages of Becoming a WPA Member

  • Membership identifies you and your business as professionals in the materials handling business.
  • share in the strength of belonging to an industry group that is looking out for your best interests.
  • The Western Pallet Association keeps its' members informed of developments and trends in the materials handling industry as well as related supplier industries.
  • The WPA conducts meetings to bring members the latest ideas and concepts in manufacturing and management.
  • Networking opportunities allow you to make new contacts and develop valuable resources, as well as benefit and profit from the collective knowledge of all WPA members.
  • The monthly newsletter, Western Pallet Magazine, helps keep members informed of current events and trends, and offers affordable advertising to it's members.
  • The Western Pallet Association website,, provides fast access to our membership directory and other important association information.

Membership Options


  • *First time membership is $150.00 and membership renewal is $600.00 per year.
  • An Industry Member is any company that manufactures, repairs, or recycles pallets or containers.


  • *First time membership is $150.00 and membership renewal is $600.00 per year.
  • An Associate Member company provides services or supplies to the pallet industry as their primary business.


  • First time and membership renewal is $50.00 per year.
  • A Corresponding member is an individual having an interest in the pallet and container industry, and who is not a manufacturer or supplier.

"Industrial Reporting, Inc. has been an active member of the Western Pallet Association ever since we started working with the pallet industry in 1977. Dating back to the early days of the WPA, our company must be one of the longest standing associate members of the WPA. I have found your meetings to be valuable opportunities to get to know the industry in the western part of the country and an excellent venue to develop long standing relationships. Your members are friendly, and your meetings typically contain good information to keep your members informed about issues that are paramount to your geographic region. Thanks for being such good friends to the Pallet Enterprise, Pallet Weekly Profile, and our staff over the years."
Ed Brindley, Ph.D. - Industrial Reporting, Inc.

"For me, the information provided about changes and trends in the industry that may affect our business directly have been very much appreciated. In addition, we have been able to build business relationships with other members. This seems to be more important than ever, since networking is going to be vital as more companies are becoming regional and national suppliers."
-Jose Padilla - Oakland Pallet

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