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WPA Annual Meeting-2022

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Thank you to our excellent speakers!

Jim Mathis, Reinvention Nation

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

Each pallet company leader or manager is on one of these levels with their organization and the individuals on their team.  Allow yourself to both move higher and create a lasting leadership footprint as you equip and train and add value to the people on your team.


Henry Quesada, Virginia Tech

Continuous Process Improvement in the Pallet Industry: Impacts on Profits, the Environment, and the Society.

Continuous process improvement methodologies such as lean thinking, statistical process control, six sigma, and Kaizen have demonstrated to have a positive impact in profits and customer service metrics.  But some companies have started to realize that these transformations also have a huge potential to increase environmental and social metrics.  This seminar will provide insights on how to strategically connect your continuous improvement efforts with economic, environmental and social dimensions.


Adele Abrams

Adele Abrams, Esq.

OSHA Preparedness - Federal OSHA and its State Counterparts

Federal OSHA and its state counterparts in western states have an ambitious regulatory and enforcement agenda, with higher penalties and initiatives ranging from COVID prevention to new rules on workplace violence, heat stress and more.  Enforcement tactics are changing as well.  This session will provide an overview of what’s ahead in 2022 and proactive measures for managing inspections and investigations.

Secrets to Overcoming Labor & Hiring Pitfalls

With Lina Montes, Cindy Shean, Carly Taylor, Beatrice Vasquez....moderated by Ralph Rupert

Lina MontesCindy SheanCarly TaylorBea VasquezRalph Rupert

Novel sources for potential employees, innovative ways to reward performance, and how to eliminate absenteeism.



Chaille Brindley

Chaille Brindley, Industrial Reporting

Back to the Future....."This Isn't Your Father's Pallet Industry!"

-- Reflections on how everything has changed and what you can do about it.  Explore the kind of leadership needed to succeed today and in the near future.  Looking at past historical shifts, get straight-talk on industry trends and challenges.  Get ready to enter a time machine to go back to the future.

The WPA Annual Auction

WOW! WPA members raised over $100,000 for the WPA and Pallet Foundation! Thank you!

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